Ever Vigilant. Daytime.

Camera systems can observe and record the activities of an entire site continuously and recordings can be stored for a range of periods appropriate to the needs of good governance.

It is an excellent management tool maximising the range and coverage of the operators and providing reliably accurate records of incidents. Health and Safety issues require high profile risk management techniques and video recordings and portable video access are providing invaluable services to accident control.


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Ever Vigilant. Night time.

For non 24 hours operating sites the Night Time site management reverts to the Onwatch Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) by activating the detection system at final exit.

CCTV has a proven record for the control of criminal activity and Onwatch systems and service combinations ensure maximum control for those ‘out of hours’ periods of vulnerability.

Safety. On-site monitoring. DVR recording.

For active sites, especially for sites open to public access and where there are inherent health and safety risks from machinery, hazardous activities or difficult terrain, the third party risks are ever present and although every effort has to be made to minimise these risks, accidents can still occur.

The levels of compensation claims and the corresponding increases in the cost of insurance necessitate the need for an accurate record of what actually happened rather than a claimant’s version of the incident. Onwatch supplies systems that provide a solution to the unique needs of each site and to meet customer’s specific requirements. These also have to comply to the requirements of the Data Protection laws that ensure there is no infringement of a person’s right to privacy.

DVR Recorder

Onwatch branded CCTV Camera and Speakers

Security. Off-site monitoring & broadcast warning.

There is a belief that a man on the beat is the most reliable form of security – but technology has acquired the ability to use all of the attributes of a human guard and as a result it has become a far more effective form of security.

The CCTV cameras are viewing continuously but the introduction of the PIR detectors and analytic video software ensures that when intrusion occurs the transmitter is activated and transmits the view of the camera associated with that camera together with the history of the reason for activation. The ability to broadcast a warning by our ARC controller is an impressive way to control risk and deter an intruder from committing a crime with subsequent loss, associated costs and considerable inconvenience.

Access. Electronic Recognition.

Keeping your perimeter secure has always been a part of that basic human need to feel safe. Stories of the nerve of the walk-in thief are common and violations of personal space continue to be a menace.

There are an increasing number of scalable solutions from the simple lock and key to the sophisticated bio sensor that will take a very careful look at entire hand of those seeking admission before allowing controlled entry. Onwatch can supply and fit access card reader locks, proximity fob openers, keypad systems, fingerprint readers and bio sensors for electronic recognition before access.

Access recognition, swipe cards and swabs

Smoke detector

Fire. Smoke Detection – earliest warning.

An early indication of a fire hazard and a fast response has never been more necessary than at present with ever more crowded public space and working environments containing huge arrays of powered equipment. The need for effective detection devices now extends to premises that previously had a low risk profile but has introduced an increasing amount of modern technology that is ramping up the risk of equipment fault and subsequent fire hazard.

Onwatch can provide a range of fire detection systems that carefully engage the risk at an approved standard and these work with and alongside security alarm management systems for a fully integrated risk management service.

ANPR Barrier

Vehicle Management. ANPR & Barriers.

Providing uninterrupted vehicle access for approved vehicles, preventing parking abuse or interrogating visiting vehicles before granting admission need not be an unwelcome interruption or as time consuming as it used to be when equipped with an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera system and automated barrier or gate.

The ANPR system has a huge potential for companies or authorities to manage the vehicle movements exactly to suit their needs, whether that be to prevent unauthorised exit of their car stock or control misuse of public amenity facilities for the dumping of commercial waste. Whatever the need Onwatch can provide a tailor made solution to most vehicle management needs.