Fire doors provide critical protection in the event of fire, saving both life and property. Onwatch Multifire Protection Services are able to provide a comprehensive fire door maintenance programme in accordance with your fire risk assessment and the requirements of BS9999.

Fire doors are intended to protect escape routes and delay the spread of smoke and fire between different rooms and areas of the building. As with other types of life safety equipment regular maintenance is required to ensure that the fire doors will operate as intended in a fire condition. . During our service visit our fully trained engineer will check and test the operation of each component of the fire door including:-

  • Self closing and hold open devices
  • Door structure including CE marking, frame, leaf and vision panels
  • Hinges and seals, checking gaps size around the door
  • Safety signage
  • Panic buttons and push bars

As your competent service provider we will advise any areas of non-compliance and provide a fully itemised asset and condition report following each visit. We will also confirm that all fire doors were accessible and that no wedges were used to hold doors open.