The development of data transmission by mobile phone technology and the reduction in power consumption by electronic equipment has enabled great advances in the ability of temporary safety and security systems to operate without any local facilities. Battery powered CCTV, audio and infra red lighting together with 3G transmission can provide excellent two way access and control of temporary risk management systems.

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Temporary Security

Rapid Deployment Unit

The Onwatch Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) is a versatile CCTV system and one of our most popular products. With a full range of devices, the system is flexible and easy to expand or relocate as a project evolves. Operating via 3G the RDU system provides an off-site monitored solution without the expense of mains power and an internet connection.


Wire-Free, Battery Powered, Multiple Detection Devices (PIR Cameras, Smoke, Contacts, Call Points), On-Site Siren, Live Audio Announcement, Off-Site Monitored


Construction, Conferences, Exhibitions, Events & Festivals, Void Properties, Scaffold

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Construction.   Health & Safety and Security.

The Onwatch Hire Equipment Catalogue has a range of equipment that is available for hire to support construction contractors to meet the heavy load of responsibility for the safety and security of their site and the personnel who work and attend there.

Equipment is designed to meet the unique requirements of each site with appropriately low levels of site management commitment when coupled with the Onwatch attending and off-site support services staff that are appropriately qualified and badged to operate safely on construction sites.




Entertainment. Entry management. Safety Control.

The growth in the number of events and the increase in the numbers of people attending have brought about a sharp increase in the need for effective and efficient management tools for intensive use over comparatively short periods of time.

The Onwatch Hire Equipment Catalogue contains examples of the latest electronic devices that are invaluable tools for a well run event in a temporary stadium.

Events. Subscriber Security. Public Safety.

Showground events are a traditional feature of English country life and attract large numbers of business, large and small that display their goods under temporary cover over a period of several days. They expect organisers to provide adequate safety and security to protect their stock outside of the hours the event is open to the public.

Onwatch has a range of equipment that is capable of providing effective cover over any size of event or showground using wire free and low voltage power supply to meet all public safety considerations.

An Onwatch surveyor will prepare system designs and costing for your event at the planning stage to ensure a smooth pre event build.



Heightened Risk. Environmental Hazard. Physical Modifications.

When storm damage has created a breach in the physical barrier protecting property and lengthy reconstruction is forecast, it is good to know that temporary security is available immediately before criminals identify it as a weakness and worth their attention.

Similarly if building works are likely to provide scaffolding access to areas without residual protection, an Onwatch Rapid Deployment System is an ideal way to protect vulnerable areas.

Activist Control. Bilateral risks.

Demonstrations often tend to become violent and damage to property common. When the dispute is directed at the Authorities but the damage occurs to the owners of property in the demonstration area the bilateral risk is not to the Authority but to the innocent party, the local property owner and consequential losses may not be adequately covered by insurance clauses relating to ‘civil disturbance’. Rapid Deployment Units from Onwatch are ideal for providing maximum short term protection.

For all short term security systems rental and services Onwatch provides a comprehensive choice of appropriate risk management equipment and support.



Legal Compliance. Liquor licensed events.

The public sale of intoxicating beverages require CCTV cameras to constantly video purchasers at licensed premises or events. The video recording must be continuous throughout the time that liquor is on sale and therefore emergency breakdown cover must be constant to avoid closure of the service in the event of camera failure.

All recorded material must be kept secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Onwatch provides a complete service for this requirement. Contact our Instant Onwatch desk for details.

Terrorist Targets. Baggage checks. Offensive Weapon checks.

Permanent facilities exist at all international departure points but for those temporary situations where large public gatherings may become a potential terrorist target, sophisticated personal search equipment is essential for the peace of mind of those attending.

Onwatch can provide a suitably equipped admission hall fully equipped with Xray baggage check a body search archway and hand held metal detectors. Fuller details in the Instant Onwatch hire catalogue.