Temperature Screening

OnwatchMultifire provides a non-contact temperature screening solution to assist businesses in managing health & safety on their premises.

Monitoring the skin temperature of individuals entering your premises can assist in managing the spread of infection. To contain the risk of contamination, it is key that an abnormal temperature is detected quickly and accurately. Traditional methods of temperature screening are time-consuming and there is the risk to an operator’s health.

Our solution combines as an access control system, ensuring an individual with an abnormal temperature reading will not gain access. It is a non-contact solution that can reduce testing time and the safety risk to those involved in detection.


  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact.
  • Reduced overall risk of unnecessary exposure.
  • Controls access to your premises, alerting individuals to their abnormal reading.
  • Easy to install within your business premises or using external shelter.
  • Manages initial temperature checking while allowing for social distancing.
  • Keep staff and management informed.


  • Takes just one second to detect skin-surface temperature.
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources.
  • Immediate alarms to notify individuals of their measurement.
  • Elevated Temperature alerts sent to relevant managers for further investigation.
  • Face mask recognition, prompting alert if no mask recognised.
  • An accuracy rate of between ±0.3°C and ±0.5°C (depending on the option chosen).

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