Mobile CCTV Monitoring and Security Systems Across the UK

Onwatch Multifire has been classified by our Industry Governing bodies as β€œCritical Workers” this means from the fully operating Monitoring Hub to the 24/7 nationwide engineering support function we can continue to cover customers sites for security and life safety systems. Any non OWMF customers please feel free to call if you require any site assistance and we will do our best to help. 

Using the latest technology, Onwatch offers a range of CCTV, security and mobile services to provide organisations that have responsibility for the safety and security of people and property with applications to meet their individual and specific needs throughout the UK
From concept to completion, through installation, management and aftercare maintenance, the fulfilment of an expectation for the highest level of professional service is our mission.
Our team of security specialists are able to implement the most demanding of systems from remote and mobile CCTV monitoring to specialised security and are qualified and certified by auditing authorities to meet the standards necessary for working with the full range of commercial, industrial and service industries.
There are three principal Onwatch services from which many others derive.
These are:

  • CCTV security systems and remote monitoring service
  • Fire Protection services.
  • Rental and Contract Hire of Safety & Security equipment

With decades of experience working up and down the country, Onwatch have been providing the UK with the highest quality security services to businesses and for events. In what often feels like trying times, providing a secure environment for your employees and clients is becoming a larger factor to take into consideration for more and more industries, which is why we cater all of our services, to you on an individual basis and offer specialised CCTV monitoring as well as fully mobile CCTV systems.
Being able to provide security for yourself, your clients and your employees is crucial today, as it is often part of compliance. Curating a safe environment for your employees helps keep up productivity and helps the wellbeing of anyone who is regularly in your spaces, so we keep our monitoring systems up 24 hours a day, 365 a week, inclusive of our mobile services.

Onwatch is able to offer a UK wide service. Contact us direct on 01892 603800.

Latest News

Occupancy Control

Onwatch Multifire Count

Maintaining appropriate distances from each other is essential in helping to contain the spread of the COVID19 virus. Some businesses will need to look at the layout of their workspaces and communal areas. For example, you may need to manage the occupancy levels in areas such as canteens, restrooms, as well as your overall building or site capacity.
With our occupancy control services you can protect privacy, scale easily and all the time improve safety.


temperature screener

OnwatchMultifire provides a non-contact temperature screening solution to assist businesses in managing health & safety on their premises.

Monitoring the skin temperature of individuals entering your premises can assist in managing the spread of infection. To contain the risk of contamination, it is key that an abnormal temperature is detected quickly and accurately. Traditional methods of temperature screening are time-consuming and there is the risk to an operator’s health.


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