Where is Onwatch located?

Onwatch offers a UK Nationwide service and has branches strategically sited in The South, The Midlands and The North and certain countries overseas.



What does Onwatch do?

Onwatch designs, integrates and installs Permanent safety and security systems and Rents Temporary Systems that assists in the effective management of risks to persons and property. Their aftercare service for Monitoring and Maintenance ensures that the enhanced performance of an Onwatch system is maintained throughout its working life.

Why does Onwatch say that they ‘Keep you safer’?

The addition of vision enables our controllers to visually verify when a threat arises and are able to take real time action to avert the risk with the use of an audio warning and the earliest summons of response by an arresting authority, or an appointed security service and key holder with the absence of a false alarm disturbance.

Intruder Alarms are bye and large without vision and are subsequently limited in their effectiveness.

There are other camera systems that have vision and audio capabilities that do not operate on a strictly real time alarm management basis requiring the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) controller to dial into the device and view recorded material to verify the threat is genuine before broadcasting a warning and deploying the response. These are vital seconds/minutes that can mean the difference between preventing a crime and reporting one.

Onwatch has engineers located nationwide able to be in attendance within hours in an emergency and have hire equipment that can be installed and operational for a whole range of events or situations requiring additional safety and security risk management.   (See Temporary Systems)



Our statistics prove it.

They show that of the many thousands of activations and the hundreds of intruders detected, 98% of them are deterred before a crime is committed and 2% are detained or arrested


In order that Onwatch can provide this level of service, the systems that it installs and monitoring and maintenance that they provide has to be to the highest British Standard BS8418 to receive a Police Unique Reference Number (URN) for us to quote that will ensure their response and enable them to have full details of the property for effective policing purposes.

As a part of the Police recognition process the company’s management and procedures are regularly audited by a UKAS certificated auditor and by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) audit procedures to ensure compliance across the whole spectrum of disciplines.



Is it worth it?

Many of our customers are genuinely surprised by the number of times that their property is ‘checked out’ by an intruder or intruders. It would appear that there is constant scouting going on to find soft targets. Deterrents such a security lighting and physical ‘bars and barriers’ and other similar devices become less of a challenge if they are not a part of a series of security layers and the ‘scout’ is assessing to see the extent of the security provision to spot a potential weakness.

The extra cost of a system that will spot and deter an intruder before there is an opportunity for them to commit a crime can be well justified because ‘ peace of mind’ that this service provides is priceless.