Equipment Status. System fault report, System generated alarm. Dual path comms.

It is important that the Onwatch Operations Centre is the first to know about equipment faults and is able to respond and restore a system to full functionality.   Fault reports emanate from various devices within the onsite equipment and do not usually render the whole system defunct. However, there are two elements that are supplied by the customer, namely power and communications link.

Systems are equipped with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units that will deal with short breaks in power but a power off alarm is generated as an alarm and will be responded to with a call to the site in working hours or the key holder for out of hours alarms. For those systems equipped for communications link failure with dual path equipment, the system will function fully on the GSM system whilst the land line connection is restored.

It is important that customers keep a constant eye on the condition of equipment as some of the older equipment does not have modern ‘anti tamper’ devices in their operating features.



Fault Logging. Customer request. Monitored report.

Fault reports are monitored daily and scheduled to engineers in the locality of the site. Full information of the fault, the site and the equipment together with risk assessments for the work to be undertaken and the preparation and equipment necessary for the work are electronically transmitted to their scheduler and are undertaken, completed and recorded through the engineer’s handset device.

A customer’s request for an engineer’s attendance will be logged and communicated to the engineer in the same way.

Scheduling. Digital device. Engineer alerted.

The information on the engineer’s digital device keeps the Onwatch Ops Centre fully informed about the location and progress of their engineers. Approval of attendance can be sought and obtained or varied at the customer’s request. Progress reports are automatic and details of the work undertaken or necessary are processed by the Ops Centre to produce quotations and obtain purchase order instructions where necessary.

Itineraries can be varied in an emergency.



Attendance. Full Health & Safety procedure. Engineer support

Technical support is constantly available and site wiring diagrams, manufacturer’s equipment manual information and system software configurations are all available for the unusual or the unexpected technical problem.   The Health and Safety requirements of the management of the varied types of sites that form the Onwatch customer list are varied according to their individual risk assessments and forbid and insist upon the use or non use of (for example) ladders and protective clothing respectively.

It is therefore important that our engineer arrives to carry out remedial work that he is appropriately prepared to meet the site’s working requirements. All Onwatch engineers are trained and certificated to the standards required and are equipped with appropriate working clothing and safety devices.

Preventive Maintenance. Scheduled Visits. Regular upgrades.

Preventive maintenance is an important feature of fault finding that will not be indicated by an electronically transmitted faults system and concerns the correctness of the function for which the device was dedicated even though it may be functioning perfectly. It has to be doing its job correctly. This will be checked by ‘walk testing’ the system.

As a part of this visit the engineer has been instructed to draw our customer’s attention to any technical advances and improvements to safety and security systems so that the problem of obsolescence can be dealt with before operational capability is vitally impaired.



Compliance. Police response URN. Fully licensed staffing.

The Onwatch Ops Centre management system will schedule preventive maintenance visits (PMV) within the scope of the maintenance contract that is required to continue the URN Police response coverage. Onwatch is fully vetted by the various Police Authorities before they are able to apply for URN coverage.

The monitoring staff is fully licensed under the Security Industry Authorities scheme for CCTV public space surveillance and all of our staff are fully trained and carry certificates for the functions and services that they provide.

Customer Portal. Scheduled maintenance. System status

Onwatch customers can have secure access to their site data and can check on all maintenance history and scheduled maintenance as necessary.

Other information about the status of their site equipment is also available through this medium. For further details please email request to the Director of Operations. Only persons fully authorised by their company or organisation should apply.